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Yes sir, it is important to know the various kinds and methods of leveling. There are various leveling techniques. Questing, raiding and mobbing are a few basic examples. You have the option of going into levelingoverdrive with power leveling techniques. The power leveling techniques are same as the basic leveling techniques, but they are undertaken at a great pace. You will have to put roleplaying on the backseat and, try and gain experience points only. If you could avert all lengthy quests for the shorter ones, then that would be a case of power leveling. There are other techniques like grinding. Grinding is the process, a monotonous process at that, of overdoing anything that earns you experience points, like mobbing (killing mobs for experience points). Professional power leveling has become a lucrative profession. There have been reports of people earning $5000 to $30000 a year from it. Power leveling turns professional, when it is undertaken on behalf of a few lazy and affluent gamers by some other people, who get rich in the process pun intended. Don't start counting the greenbacks as yet; instead learn the ropes of leveling first.

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