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If you're looking for some family fun, I would recommend you get the karaoke classic Lips or Microsoft's You're In The Movies, both of which are on the Xbox 360. They are also good value: Lips will let you convert your existing MP3s into karaoke classics and Movies comes with a free camera.

1. What happened to page 5 of the autopsy report? If page 6 of Ali autopsy report revealed that she was buried alive, who knows what kind of crazy info lies in page five! Let just hope Ali didn have HGH in her toxicology report otherwise Emily (Shay Mitchell) might be the next victim of death by field hockey stick!

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In our previous poll, we asked for your definition of the "sweet spot" for laptop display sizes. The results clearly favor 1515.4" displays, which garnered a whopping 38% of the vote. The next most popular size was 17" with 15% of votes, followed by 14.1", 13.3", and 12.1". From these numbers, we can probably conclude that TR readers like their laptops big and favor desktop replacements over subnotebooks. Only 21% of voters think the sweet spot lies in the 1213.3" area, compared to 68% for the 1419"+ crowd.

Once you reach level 5, you are going to want to continue with the next three quests which are "Investigate Echo Ridge", your class quest and the "Brotherhood of Thieves" quest. All of the quests that you will have done so far, are very easy to finish and beat and may take you only a couple hours. Be sure to grind as much as you can whenever you can, and this will help the rate that you level up.

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