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Now in the "streamed" world of high school, he found himself socially segregated from the majority of kids he had known in Grade 8 and relegated to small classes where he spent most of his day with the same eight to 15 kids who had similar learning difficulties. He had lost his Grade 8 community and felt like an outcast in his high school community. In fact, for him, it was no community at all.

Desiring total freedom for himself, Sartre wrote, "I dreamed above all of asserting this freedom against women". Satre adored his selfsacrificing mother, and his seduction tactics were closer to nostalgia than Casanova courtships. It seems that Sartre did not actually dislike women he did not seduce them and leave them due to any hatred of the female sex but rather preferred women to men because they were less inclined to argue with him.

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Luckily for me, it was a very wellestablished gym and I was able to stay in it until I left for college at Penn State. Expectations for the rings, his best event: course a gold medal is preferred, but it really depends on what happens that day. I definitely want to make the individual finals, and to shoot for a medal.

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