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It was one of my ambitions to have a book published, so the primary motivation was achievement. Primary reason? To promote the book and get people to buy the print version. That more people (who might not be able to afford the book) can learn is awesome, but that's a cool secondary goal :)Sorry if this all sounds a bit dry, but I think it's how people truly think. I have good intentions, but they're usually for me (and my family) first, and then if other people benefit, awesome! This is why it's hard to make decisions based on other people's intentions if you don't consider how people really think. With few exceptions, we're all more selfish than we think (selfish in a good way, often).mattmcknight 1699 days ago link

I started playing over winter break to appease my gamedesigning brother. and boy oh boy is it addicting. what i noticed is that the more i played the less i spent time with my family and friends, the same with your husband. its tough because you pay PER MONTH so if you don't put in your play time you are wasting your money.

Theme Park Momedited flckrBecause cookies and cohosting is always better with a sombrero. Last night's Oscars was a total snoozefest. No shockers, all the winners were predictable, and host, Anne Hathaway, stood on stage all night like a jittery but beautiful bobblehead nervously attempting to pick up the charismaslack for her cohost, James Franco, who was about as exciting as a movie called The King's Speech sounds.

Lisa Whitton, of the Humberside Police Lifestyle team said: "This is an incredibly exciting development for the Lifestyle project, offering team members the opportunity to blog what they have been up as part of their projects, by adding updates, photos, footage and details of challenges undertaken as well as keeping a tally of hours worked at the touch of a button."

"They're going to print and print until money is worthless, or they run out of trees," Schiff says. "I think people will look back at this time period and think, 'Wow, what a great opportunity.'" Others see no reason for gold to resume its climb. They point to a recent academic study that said current consumer prices imply a gold price below $800 an ounce.

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